2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant Final

With the successful completion of Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant on April 10th, Asian Artists of USA presents you another great opportunity to accomplished. “Miss World Fashion World Finals” & “San Francisco International Fashion Week” National Audition.

Looking for the next international supermodel!

  • Contestants have the opportunity to join the “2016 Miss World Fashion World Finals” on Sept 3rd, with all the winners around the world.

  • Contestants have the opportunity to become the fashion model for the well known fashion designers during “2017 San Francisco International Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection”.

  • Contestants have the opportunity to receive up to a $ 10,000 prize which includes a variety of $4000 in cash.

  • Contestants have the opportunity to receive professional training, and contract with the famous model companies, film companies.

  • Contestants have the opportunity to be recommended to participate in various international beauty pageant and model contest.


In order to be qualified to apply, you must be:

  • Female at birth

  • Between the ages of 16-28

  • Single and never married nor given birth

Delegate Requirements


Delegates need to commit to all fashion events prior to pageant day. In addition, Bay Area delegates are required to participate in all training events and media interviews.


A non-refundable USD$100 application fee is required. Upon acceptance, delegates are responsible for travel costs to and from San Francisco.

Talent (optional)

The talent showcase is selected through an audition process. In order to

audition, complete the “Talent” portion of the online application and submit

 a 2-5 minute video link or DVD demonstrating the talent you intend on

performing for the Talent Competition.


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 Application Fee Payment

– Pay by Check ($100 USD)

– Pay by PayPal ($100 USD to [email protected])


  Adress:(地址):San Francisco USA 旧金山-美国


  Email(邮箱):[email protected]

Quickly apply it, the opportunity belongs to you!