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2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant Audition


Thank you for your interest in 2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant, USA Regional, which will be held on April 10th, 2016 in San Francisco Bay Area.  For all the contestants who is female, aged between 16-28, and min height 5’7″, require to attend the audition for further selection.

Date:          February 12th, 2016 (Friday)

Time:          5:30-9pm

Location:     Allegro Ballroom & Club Dancing

5855 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608

Dress code:  Light makeup, hair. Cocktail dress, 3″ high heel.

Documents: Valid ID, resume.

There will be professional photography and recording, be sure to prepare for catwalk and self introduction.

Asian Artists of USA committee,

February 2016

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Honorary President Mr. Zhiling Zhao Interview


Former President Mr. Hyde Zhan Music Performance

US local time on December 6, “2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant USA Regional Competition” and “2016 San Francisco International Fashion Week” press conferences successfully completed by Asian Artists of USA (AAofUSA).

This press conference had created a historical record of three,

  1. All those involved in the entertainment conferenced held American Chinese community once the largest numbers of performances, only guest performers more than 50 people.
  2. Held a press conference to speak a minimum of time among all the Chinese community in the United States, we aspire the concept of “beauty interprets fashion”.
  3. Held a press conference the most extensive coverage by the media of the first in all the Chinese community in the United States; in which the participation including Sing Tao Daily, World Journal, Chinese Press, KTSF26 Television, Laos Media Group, Hollywood International Film Association, AAI International New Concepts The Motion Picture Association, Sina Weibo, Tencent video, YouTube, Hollywood 3D media, and other media; has been known in the world of entertainment news conference while the pageant and fashion week have not yet officially launched.

As the Chairman of AAUSA, I want to thank all those who involved in and concerned about these two grand events in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in spring 2016. I hereby declare, “2016 Miss World Fashion Beauty Pageant USA Regional Competition” and “2016 San Francisco International Fashion Week” are now officially launched! We love to invite all of you interested in the beauty pageant, and designers participate in Fashion Week log on to our new official website on December 20th, 2016 for more detailed information at www.AAofUSA.com

美國當地時間12月6日,精心籌備的美亞藝術協會「2016世界時尚小姐美國大賽」及「2016舊金山國際時裝周」新聞發佈會圓滿成功。本次新聞發佈會締造了三個歷史紀錄:1、所有在美國華人團體舉辦的娛樂新聞發佈會參與表演人數最多一次,只表演嘉賓超過50人, 並且大部分是美女。2、所有在美華人團體舉辦新聞發佈會講話最少的一次,我們立志要美麗演繹追求時尚的理念。3、所有在美華人團體舉辦新聞發佈會被媒體報道覆蓋最廣的一次,其中參與包括星島日報、世界日報、僑報、KTSF26號電視台、老中傳媒集團、好萊塢國際影視總會、AAI 國際新概念電影協會、新浪微博、騰訊視頻、YouTube、好萊塢3D傳媒、等傳媒,成為還沒有正式比賽就已經名揚四海的娛樂新聞發佈會。

作為美亞藝術協會的主席, 我要感謝所有參與及關注2016年春天在美麗的舊金山灣區舉行的這兩個盛典的朋友們。

大部分照片提供「one plus one 攝影公司」。




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